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Qué es Christ Energy Healing - Sanación Crística

Entrevista a Carlos Calvo, Maestro Fundador del sistema Christ Energy Healing - Sanación Crística Carlos, tú has fundado el s...

5 ago. 2017

Christ Energy Healing System


  Healing System with Cosmic Christ Energy  

     © Copyright Carlos Calvo - Master Founder of Christ Energy Healing - Rights reserved on texts - You need permission from the original author to reprint/publish this article. 

Christ Energy Healing is a system that guarantees an easy, fast and effective connection with Cosmic Christ Energy that the Master Jesus brought to Earth and allows it to be channelled for the healing of oneself and others.

The Christ Energy Healing method is based on breathing techniques and visualization, along with movements of the arms and the hands together with the Power of the Word. Finally, the initiation ceremony seals the process, assuring the immediate effectiveness and its permanence. This system uses symbols in order to modify the Energy in the treatments.

The Christ Energy Healing method does not cause any sideeffects, and can be applied along with other treatments, alopatic, homeopathic and holistic. In any case, the receivers of the Energy channelled by the Christ Energy Healing system do not have to stop medical treatments, nor alter the doses.

The practitioners of Christ Energy Healing consider that to obtain the benifits of integral health is advisable to use different methods that can be useful at every moment, whenever they are effective and complementary to each other. Therefore, the practitioners of Christ Energy Healing do not reject the use of the alopatic medicine, as well as the homeopathic and holistic techniques.

Please be aware that all the systems of healing based on the use of energies (such as Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies) may cause a "crisis of healing" that can temporarily aggravate the unwanted symptoms. It is the price that we must sometimes pay when we use the healing methods that accelerate the personal evolution. The appearance of a healing crisis is a sign that the Energy is working.

To accept that Jesus brought Cosmic Christ Energy to the Earth and to feel empathy toward Him it is essential to practice Christ Energy Healing.

The materials of the Christ Energy Healing courses are subject to copyright. Before taking this course, it is mandatory to have signed a Document in which you verify that you have received information on the structure of the system, as well as information with  respect to the copyright.

(Texts, with authorization, of Christ Energy Healing - First Degree Manual)