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5 ago. 2017

Cosmic Christ Energy

Cosmic Christ Energy

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The esoteric cosmogenesis thinks that before the formation of the true Cosmos, three forces coexisted, latent and eternal, in the Fundamental Unit: Parabrahman (the Spirit or Absolute Conscience that existed before the Cosmic Being), Mulaprakriti (the preexisting root of the Universal Substance) and Fohat (the Thought or Individual Conscience, the force of relation between Spirit and Substance).

After forming the Cosmos, the latent forces in the Fundamental Unit reached their phase of expansion in the three fundamental realities that have always been recognized by religious and esoteric traditions:

a) In Christianity, the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
b) In Hinduism, the Trimurti (the Triple Form): Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the conservative) and Shiva (the transformer).
c) In Esoteric Metaphysics, the Creative Trinity: the Divine Presence I Am, the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Spirit.

In this way, the Son, Vishnu and the Cosmic Christ are equivalent terms to designate the force that maintains the Universal Substance in all that exists.

Through each person´s Channel of Light, the chakra of the Christ (located about two meters over the chakra Sahasrara or the 7th Chakra) connects with the Cosmic Christ Energy.

The Cosmic Christ Energy shows itself in the virtues of the Yellow-Golden Ray (Love and Wisdom) and of the Gold-Ruby Ray (Devotion and Idealism), that are part of our causal body.

The historical Jesus, who lived in Palestine in the first century, incarnated the Cosmic Christ Energy in our planet. Although some esoteric traditions consider that other figures could incarnate the Cosmic Christ Energy at different moments and places, in western culture any entity can replace Jesus of Nazareth by its proximity to us in space and time. The Master Jesus has been the Chohan or Director responsible for the Gold-Ruby Ray (a mixture of the qualities associated with the Gold-Ruby Ray and the Yellow Ray) from the first century through the first half of the twentieth century. 

An Atlas of Universe: http://www.atlasoftheuniverse.com/